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Why does MeteoEarth version 2.2 request the permission to access the device ID & call information?

During the installation of version 2.2, the system requests the permission to access your phone’s “Device ID & call information”.

On Android 6 or higher, this message will not be displayed right from the start, as it is possible here to grant or deny permissions at any time. In this case, the system will only request the permission to access the device ID, when you are about to subscribe for our Premium services.

This permission request has already been standardly implemented in earlier versions of MeteoEarth. In order to keep the amount of such requests to a minimum for our users, we deactivated the request with the last update. Unfortunately this caused complications with purchasing and using our Premium service, and we would need to re-implement the request. 

 The device ID is required to handle in-app purchases via the PlayStore. As a developer, we don’t have the possibility to select requests for single access rights because Google exclusively offers bundled permission requests. The access to the device ID belongs to the permission group “PHONE” which also contains the call information. Of course, we will only scan data that is required for the smooth functioning of the app. MeteoEarth does not place or register any phone calls!

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