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Is GPS used to locate me in WeatherPro?

We do not use GPS due to privacy protection. Many users fear being tracked or their data being abused e.g. passing of information to 3rd parties. Instead of pinpointing an exact location via GPS, we pin point your rough location (on a regular basis this is a sufficient way of finding the closest weather station to you). In addition, finding your location via WIFI is much faster than using GPS. Our privacy policy stipulates that we only keep a user’s location data temporarily, and do not keep records of the information, thus making it impossible to pass on to 3rd parties.

Your location is determined via the WiFi & Mobile Network location service. Please make sure that you’ve enabled the location services and WIFI within your phone settings so you can be located easily. Unfortunately some devices save previous locations within the cache, this can easily be solved by restarting your device.

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